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The Best Insurance from Michigan's Oldest Insurance Agency


The Macomb-Gerlach Agency’s roots date back to 1864, when Representative Edgar Weeks formed the Macomb Insurance Agency in Mount Clemens. Representative Weeks, in addition to being an insurance agent, was a Civil War Captain, a newspaper editor, an attorney, and a lighthouse keeper (the Clinton River once had a lighthouse!). When the stock market crashed in 1929, the agency was passed to an attorney by the name of William Kelly, who also held an agent’s license.

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After graduating from the University of  Detroit,  Wallace S. Gerlach moved to Mount Clemens, and, in 1938,  was brought in as a partner to help Mr. Kelly run the agency. The agency was in debt to the Crum & Forster Insurance company for premiums that policyholders, due to the great depression, were unable to pay. Mr. Gerlach took responsibility for collecting these debts in return for ownership of the agency, and by 1945,  the debts were satisfied, and ownership was obtained.

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In 1960, Mr. Gerlach’s son, James, after serving in the U.S. Army, and graduating from the Michigan State University with a degree in Business & Public Service, came to work at the agency. He became president of the agency in 1972. Lorraine Boos (who also began her career at Macomb-Gerlach in 1960) became the Corporate Secretary that same year. They both still hold these positions. In 1998, David Gerlach (also a University of Detroit graduate) and Brenda Reedy, became officers and stockholders of the agency. Today, the Macomb-Gerlach Agency remains in Mount Clemens and represents Michigan-based companies, such as Auto-Owners and Fremont, and regional carriers, such as The Harford, Grange Mutual, and Safeco. 


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